VIS Festival Trailer 2011
Official Festival Trailer for VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 2011.
Bbbooommm-basss-tttick colour bar psychedelia.

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts - Festival Trailer 2011

"Once again, Max Hattler knows exactly how to impress and to leave you thrilled and confused at the same time. It is deeply and truly fascinating how he transforms the abstract idea of 'new communities', the nucleus of this year's edition of the VIS festival, into a lively rhizomatic structure which resembles the digital appearance of virtual networks as well as early tv test pattern designs. Thus he covers the whole scope and concept of the festival in his own powerful and cutting-edge visual style." Daniel Ebner, Vienna Independent Shorts

"TRAILER 2011 – MAX HATTLER. Bombastic colour bar psychedelia! Es ist doch immer wieder erstaunlich, was der in Ulm geborene und in London lebende und arbeitende Animationskünstler Max Hattler aus einfachsten Mitteln – in diesem Fall digitale Videobalken und TV-Testbildmuster, unterlegt mit einem Dub-Step-Score – zu kreieren imstande ist. Hattler (*1976) studierte am Royal College of Art und unterrichtet am Goldsmiths College, tourt mit seinen Live-Performances durch Europa und fabriziert Tourvisuals für Bands wie Basement Jaxx und The Egg. Unser Artist in Residence 2011 gastierte auch mit mehreren seiner Filme sowie einer Auftragsperformance zur frühen Filmavantgarde bei VIS." Vienna Independent Shorts

"News in Pictures: Max Hattler has created the official festival trailer for the Vienna Independent Shorts festival, which will run from 26 May to 1 June." Design Week

"It's not so much a trailer, as it is a hallucinatory journey through a TV set" Partizan

"damn the style is back" philthysoftpretzls

"Max Hattlers außergewöhnlicher Trailer für VIS 2011"

"wickedly mesmerizing" Tracey Chan [Feature Friday interview with Max]

"I had the pleasure of screening some of Max Hattler's animations for Stomper in London and its great to see some of his new commissions. For The Vienna Independent Shorts Festival, Hattler uses digital video bars and test patterns to assiduously animate a dub-step score and creates a visual plethora of heavy weight bass. Always using simplistic and familiar graphics as a starting point, he employs the process of animation to create new imagery." Paula Naughton, Stomper

"It seems that Max Hattler has an aversion to sleep. How else can he keep cranking out quality projects at such a rate of knots – hmm, perhaps he's using clones made in the Hattlerizer?" Directors Notes

- Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium, 19 Feb 2014 (lecture)
- AniFest, Teplice, Czech Republic, 26 Apr - 1 May 2013 (lecture)
- Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg, Fellbach, Germany, 15 Nov 2012 (artist talk)
- Max Hattler Presents..., Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 23 Aug 2012
- Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, 20-28 Jul 2012 (Max Hattler retrospective)
- Golden Kuker Animation Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 Jun 2012 (Max Hattler Panorama)
- AniFest, Teplice, Czech Republic, 26 Apr - 1 May 2012
- Go Short, Nijmegen, Holland, 18 Mar 2012 (Max Hattler Special Screening)
- Royal College of Art, London, 23 Feb 2012 (presentation/workshop)
- University of the Arts Bremen, Germany, 2 Dec 2011 (lecture)
- Festival Animacam, Spain, 1-18 Dec 2011
- Animae Caribe Festival, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 30 Oct - 6 Nov 2011
- VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna, Austria, 26 May - 1 Jun 2011
- pre-VIS publicity campaign, various cinemas, Vienna, Austria, throughout May 2011
- Wiener Kunstschule, Vienna, Austria, 11 May 2011
- Transform: Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku, Raum D, quartier21, Vienna, Austria, 5 May 2011
- VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Press Conference, Metro Kino, Vienna, Austria, 3 May 2011
- VIS at Donaufestival, Filmgalerie, Krems, Austria, 30 Apr 2011
- NOVA Contemporary Culture, EAV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20 Apr 2011

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts - Festival Trailer 2011

Director: Max Hattler
Music: schmid
Code: Sune Petersen
Produced by Max Hattler
Available formats: 35mm film, 1080p HD digital file, DVD
Length: 0'52"
Year: 2011

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