A selection of writings, media and academic coverage.

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12/10/2022:     Max Hattler - Abstract Animation as Art and Pedagogy. In SCM Research, issue 10
15/08/2022:     DAGMAR HUB Max Hattler geht andere Wege als sein berühmter Vater. In Neu-Ulmer Zeitung
14/06/2022:     BOBO LO, KENIX WONG Exemplary faculty honoured for excellence in teaching. In CityU News
08/06/2022:     DOREEN MATTHEI Serial Parallels (2019). In Testkammer
13/01/2022:     «Serial Parallels» de Max Hattler: Hong Kong hipnótico. In Elemmental
21/12/2021:     Celebrating Short Film Day: 21 Must-See Shorts. In Talking Shorts
13/09/2021:     A whirlwind tour of Hong Kong’s high-rises is an awesome meditation on urbanity. In Aeon
07/09/2021:     SIMONE SBARBATI Serial Parallels: un corto sperimentale sui grattacieli di Hong Kong. In Frizzifrizzi
04/09/2021:     DRBYOS Video for the weekend: Parallel worlds in Hong Kong. In Archytele
29/08/2021:     MAIK ZEHRFELD Rankende Fassaden: Serial Parallels von Max Hattler. In LangweileDich.net
23/08/2021:     VASSILIS KROUSTALLIS Serial Parallels by Max Hattler. In Zippy Frames
18/11/2020:     MALCOLM TURNER LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 1 – Abstract Showcase. In London International Animation Festival website
29/10/2020:     DARIA GAMLIEL FNC 2020: Shorts. In Cinetalk.net
29/09/2020:     SHARIFA MOORE Relentless Melt Curator Interview with Max Hattler. In Denver Digerati
09/2020:          ROBERT SEIDEL Videoprogramm: Emily Scaife, Gudrun Krebitz, Max Hattler, Soria Crespo + Pinar & Viola, Liu Chang, Michel Klöfkorn. In BE Magazine #27
24/08/2020:     DAVID TERAO A força bruta da matéria. In Blog do Crítica Curta
08/2020:          New Shorts: Serial Parallels. In German Films Quarterly
23/06/2020:     JULIO CAVANI 44º Annecy (2020) – premiados & outros. In Cinema Escrito
03/06/2020:     NANCY FORNOVILLE Short Film Review: Serial Parallels (2019) by Max Hattler. In Asian Movie Pulse
08/05/2020:     RAY LAGUNA 2019: Serial Parallels. In Animacion para adultos
06/05/2020:     DANIEL KOTHENSCHULTE Filmfestivals online: Animation und Agitation. In Frankfurter Rundschau
17/03/2020:     CHIA-HUNG LU 呂嘉鴻 肺炎疫情:藝術家借助虛擬科技試圖突破時空限制 (Pneumonia Outbreak: Artists Try to Break Through Time and Space with Virtual Technology). In BBC中文
13/01/2020:     COLLEEN HOCHBERGER How on Earth do They do That? The Art of CGI Explained via 6 Digital Artists Pushing the Medium Forward. In Artspace
30/11/2019:     VALENCIA TONG Max Hattler. In Artomity Magazine
08/11/2019:     TOM RAVENSCROFT Max Hattler turns Hong Kong's high-rise housing into repetitive animations. In Dezeen
08/11/2019:     吳耀宗 天空被綁架了 (The Sky Got Kidnapped) In 大公報 (Takungpao), HK
31/10/2019:     CHEN PEIYU 【臺中動畫影展】流變繪畫的光影旅程─德國音像頑童麥斯海德勒 ([Taichung Animation Film Festival] A Cinematic Journey into Moving Paintings: German Audiovisual Wild Child Max Hattler) In 放映週報 (Funscreen), TW
23/10/2019:     MIA 都市人感到很邊緣?讓 4 部動畫短片說出心聲,給努力生活的我們一些暖意! In Fliper
25/09/2019:     AMY BAKER Max Hattler’s Serial Parallels: Review & Interview. In Skwigly Online Animation Magazine
04/09/2019:     ALEX DUDOK DE WIT How They Did It: Animating Hong Kong’s High-Rise Buildings In ‘Serial Parallels’. In Cartoon Brew
04/09/2019:     How Max Hattler Transformed Hong Kong’s Vertical Skyline into Living Film Strips in ‘Serial Parallels’. In Directors Notes
12/08/2019:     Monday Short: Max Hattler’s Divisional Articulations (2017). In Quickdraw Animation Society
09/05/2019:     CLAUDIA REICHERTER "Da kann ich Energie tanken". In Südwest Presse, DE
06/05/2019:     CHRISTIAN GASSER ITFS 2019: Max Hattler in Persona. In Animation Luzern, CH
03/05/2019:     THOMAS VOLKMANN Zwischenräume im Fokus. In Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, DE
03/05/2019:     ED MONTANA-WILLIAMS Using the Past to See the Future. In Corridor 8, GB
26/12/2018:     LIDIA RATOI Max Hattler, Audiovisual Abstraction in the Moving Image. In CLOT Magazine
08/04/2018:     CELINE LEE 藝術通感:抽象錄像藝術家Max Hattler. In Project Raw
08/04/2018:     TERKA STARA Festival Anifilm se letos zaměří na 3D počítačovou animaci. In AsianStar.cz
28/03/2018:     Meet the DG2018 Artists. In Digital Graffiti
12/12/2017:     视、听、解放与实验动画. In 实验动画影像研究中心 (Experimental Animation Image Research Center)
20/11/2017:     ROUWEN LIN KLex 2017: contemporary experimental cinema and music. In Star2.com
09/11/2017:     Watch a Stunning Animated Video From Julien Mier. In XLR8R
08/11/2017:     ADRIAN ALVA 16 Hong Kong students : Divisional Articulations (4:33) : Max Hattler. In The Jellyfish Act
06/11/2017:     CHRIS ROBINSON What are all those paint men digging? - 'Model Starship'. In Animation World Network
01/11/2017:     JAVIER MELIAN Q+A with new media artist Max Hattler. In Chrom-Art
22/10/2017:     2017 아시아 애니메이션 포럼' 개막. In Bucheon Times
21/10/2017:     Max Hattler – Divisional Articulations: Wins Grand Prize Award at Supernova Festival. In Sharesynth
12/10/2017:     Lux Prima "Divisional Articulations" (Max Hattler, dir.). In Videostatic
11/10/2017:     Max Hattler — Divisional Articulations (4:33). In IdN
06/10/2017:     Max Hattler Wins Supernova Animation Festival. In Imperica
05/10/2017:     Juxtaposed; Yet We Meet. In Cent Magazine
05/10/2017:     VASSILIS KROUSTALLIS Divisional Articulations by Max Hattler. In Zippy Frames
05/10/2017:     Divisional Articulations. In Prosthetic Knowledge
17/09/2017:     PETRA MOSTBACHER-DIX Feuerseefest in Stuttgart: Der Westen leuchtet. In Stuttgarter Zeitung
04/08/2017:     AMID AMIDI Cartoon Brew Pick: 'Divisional Articulations' by Max Hattler. In Cartoon Brew
10/07/2017:     XIAO BIAN 当音乐遇到几何动画竟然可以这么炫酷!. In China Independent Animation Film Forum
05/07/2017:     Max Hattler & Lux Prima Join Forces for an Audiovisual Collision of Repetition & Distortion in ‘Divisional Articulations’. In Directors Notes
17/06/2017:     Internationale Stars der Visuellen Musik kommen. In Vorsprung
30/05/2017:     “Divisional Articulations” by Max Hattler. In Booooooom
30/05/2017:     JENNIFER WOLFE Max Hattler Unveils ‘Divisional Articulations’. In Animation World Network
30/05/2017:     JOTA PEGO Divisional Articulations | Max Hattler en el debut de Lux Prima. In Coctel Demente
13/05/2017:     KATIE METCALFE Video Art Visions: Divisional Articulations. In NOWNESS
30/03/2017:     MARIELENA WOLFF Move with me: Tanzfilmfestival Moovy im Filmforum – Festival 04/17. In Choices Cologne
22/03/2017:     An In-Depth Look Into Sonar Hong Kong. In Wild City, India
03/2017:          MARTIN KROENERT DRESDNER Interviews / O-ton! In der Kürze der Zeit eine Botschaft vermitteln – Im Gespräch mit zwei Jurymitgliedern des 29. Filmfestes Dresden. In DRESDNER Kulturmagazin
02/2017:          SAMWAI LAM 異想動畫 - 動畫作為藝術實踐 (Animation as Art Practice: Max Hattler and Wong Ping). In City Magazine, Hong Kong
18/12/2016:     ROLAND SCHÖNY Glänzende Perfektion. In artmagazine, Austria
18/11/2016:     DANA TER Art Exhibition Listings. In Taipei Times, Taiwan
04/11/2016:     XUANHUI ZHOU MOCA VIDEO當代影像劇場 6日展出. In Youth Daily News, Taiwan
10/2016:          Svet digitalne umetnosti: Video umetnost Maksa Hatlera, Nemačka. In Artmagazin.info
29/06/2016:     BRIAN GABRIEL DJ Bassnectar Sued By Animator Max Hattler Over Alleged Copyright Infringement. In Cartoon Brew
23/06/2016:     CHERIE HU Warning: Not All Music Metadata Is Created Equal. In Forbes
19/06/2016:     CYNTHIA 《電.藝.感》展覽 跨領域演繹電子藝術. In Wen Wei Po
16/06/2016:     TESS MCDERMOTT Animator Sues Bassnectar Over Stealing Visuals. In Noise Porn
16/06/2016:     SAM BEKEMANS TCFF Award Winner Sues Major EDM Star. In Third Culture Film Festival Website
10/06/2016:     DAN SARTO Visual Artist Max Hattler Files Lawsuit Against DJ Bassnectar. In Animation World Network
09/06/2016:     MATTHEW MEADOW Max Hattler Files Lawsuit Against Bassnectar Over Infringing Visuals. In Your EDM
04/06/2016:     EMILIE CHOI Thirty Years of Hong Kong Video Art 香港錄像藝術三十年. In Ming Pao Weekly, issue 2482, p 16-29
27/05/2016:     SAM BEKEMANS Interview with Max Hattler. In Third Culture Film Festival Website
21/05/2016:     K11 presents interdisciplinary Electronic Arts. In Ta Kung Pao
05/2016:          Animamix Biennale. In Art Plus (Hong Kong & Macau), issue 55, p 8
23/04/2016:     Derechos de autor Vs. Pirateria. In Quimera Digital
21/04/2016:     Bassnectar Issues Apology For Stealing Live Show Visuals. In EDM In Stereo
21/04/2016:     SANJ CHAKRAVORTY Bassnectar Comes Clean About Unapproved Visuals. In EDMTunes
20/04/2016:     THEO MAULEN Bassnectar was Called Out for Copyright Hypocrisy and Addresses it the Best Way Possible. In EDM Assassin
19/04/2016:     IULIANA PRICHEA Bassnectar Apologizes For Using Another Artist's Artwork! In EDM Nations
19/04/2016:     MATTHEW MEADOW Bassnectar Makes Full Apology to Max Hattler. In Your EDM
18/04/2016:     JENNIFER WOLFE Max Hattler vs. Bassnectar: Animator Receives Apology, Little Else. In Animation World Network
18/04/2016:     DEVIN CULHAM Bassnectar Gets Called Out For Hypocrisy, Shows His True Colors. In EDM.com
18/04/2016:     PEDRO ACOSTA Bassnectar Apologizes for Artwork Misuse. In EDM Chicago
13/04/2016:     PETER RUBINSTEIN Bassnectar Uses Others' Work, Reprimands Fans For Doing The Same. In Your EDM
08/04/2016:     BRIAN GABRIEL Animator Max Hattler Accuses Bassnectar Of Profiting From His Films. In Cartoon Brew
01/04/2016:     Meet the Artists of DG2016. In Digital Graffiti
24/03/2016:     ZHOU YI Animamix Biennale held at CityU. In Ta Kung Pao
24/03/2016:     CATHY CHOI SCM exhibition showcases art under the influence of animation and comics. In CityU NewsCentre
03/2016:          POST PiXEL. Animamix Biennale 2015-16. In ACIM
03/2016:          New Media.New Idea - POST PiXEL. Animamix Biennale 2015-16. In Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
12/2015:          MALCOLM TURNER Abstract Showcase: Animation in it’s Purest Form. In London International Animation Festival Website
23/07/2015:     MARCUS GOLLING Gemeinsame Spitze. In Augsburger Allgemeine
23/07/2015:     LENA GRUNDHUBER Mehr Künstlerinnen als Künstler bei der 21. Triennale Ulmer Kunst. In Südwest Presse
06/2015:          MALCOLM TURNER Max Hattler is in the Room: In Conversation with Max Hattler Q&A. In Melbourne Int'l Animation Festival Catalogue, p 84-85
06/2015:          FORSTER, R. Highlights from Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015. In Meld Magazine
06/2015:          ZSIFKOVITS, G. INSIDE CAMP #10 – Kunst sollte Fragen stellen und Denkanstöße geben. In music-news.at
05/2015:          JENNIFER WOLFE Animafest Zagreb 2015 Kicks off with Site-Specific Animations. In Animation World Network
05/2015:          ART IN CULTURE SeMA-HIFI Audio Visual Spectacular. In Art in Culture
05/2015:          WCO KOREA 미디어 아티스트 MAX HATTLER 강연. In C!HERE
04/2015:          KRESIN, F. Resonate.io. In Waag Society Blog
10/2014:          Wellington Lux Artist Interviews: Max Hattler on ‘X’. In Illumni
09/2014:          GONZALEZ COVA, L. J. Patrones animados inspirados en la simbología del pueblo wayuu .... In Correo del Orinoco
07/2014:          CAMARA, J. P. Arte y conciencia en la animación de Max Hattler. In Revista Ojo
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11/2013:          MILONE, M. Collision. In Cinema Sperimentale
11/2013:          Антощенко, Е в калужском Музее космонавтики прошел фестиваль полнокупольного искусства «Измерение». In RBC Daily
10/2013:          Hattlerizer 2.0 – Max Hattler. In MIMA Artblog
10/2013:          X by Max Hattler. In The Tripatorium
09/2013:          BENNES, C. Wrongness. In Pages Of Magazine
09/2013:          COLLINS, R. Max Hattler: Why I'm signed up to Payback. In DACS Website
06/2013:          GIBLOVA, M. Hudba a výtvarné umění jako základ pro autorskou animaci. In 25fps
03/2013:          PRICE, S. Max Hattler and Amnesty International "Stop the Show". In Stash
03/2013:          DAUERER, V. Visualisierung zum Waffenhandel. In PAGE
03/2013:          WOLFE, J. Max Hattler Stops the Show for Amnesty International. In Animation World Network
03/2013:          JAKUBIK, A. Amnesty International’s Campaign ‘Stop the Show’ Film by Max Hattler. In Trendland
03/2013:          SARGSYAN, T. What’s On: Max Hattler X Mikhail Karikis Live AV Performance. In Art Wednesday
02/2013:          SARGSYAN, T. Meet: Max Hattler. In Hunger TV
02/2013:          BELL, S. Unclear Proof: Raising a Glass for New Hattler Film. In Rooms Magazine
01/2013:         SAEED, A. An Explosive Animation Inspired By Fractals And Chaos Theory. In The Creators Project
01/2013:          Shape-shifting animation moves with the music. In Creative Bloq
01/2013:          WEBSTER, G. Wine with aliens. In Computer Arts
12/2012:          COHEN, K. Five Artists Creating New Visions of What Animation Can Be. In Animation World Network
11/2012:          KNAUER, A. Hattler vs. Hattler: Vater und Sohn im Dialog. In Reutlinger General-Anzeiger
11/2012:          HOLMES, K. Adventures In The Moving Image: Our Favorite Experimental Filmmakers. In The Creators Project
11/2012:          Max Hattler – London. In What's in Your Bedroom
11/2012:          AG Kurzfilm Short Report 2012
10/2012:          HOTHI, A. RS. Max Hattler Canal Commission X at King’s Cross Filling Station. In Dogs and Corsets
09/2012:          MCCARTHY, A. Max Hattler Canal Commission: Sublime Space-Age Animation Illuminates London’s Night Sky. In We Heart
09/2012:          HOLMES, K. A Giant Screen Of Water Rising From A Canal Hosts This Abstract Animation. In The Creators Project
09/2012:          RUNDLE, M. Massive 3D ‘Water Screen’ To Stun London Canal With ‘Psychedelic Geometric Ballet’. In The Huffington Post UK
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08/2012:          Where I Make: Max Hattler. In Central Station
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10/2011:          DAUERER, V. VJ to Visual Artist. In mb! Magazine 
09/2011:          RE:AX aka Peace Starts With Me. In Schön Magazine
09/2011:          YORK, M. UEL lecturer invited to World Peace Festival in Berlin. In Newham Recorder
08/2011:          Berlin: World Peace Festival. In Superfuture
07/2011:         Interview with Max Hattler. In Animate Projects
05/2011:          KAPELLER. R. VIS: Reinkarnation im Film. In Denkfabrikat
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