aka Peace Starts With Me
Exploring mirroring and feedback through abstract shapes,
RE:AX takes us on a journey of action and reaction.

Best Original Score - Animated (3rd Prize), SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Audio-visual Composers, Canada, 2012
Honorable Mention - Animated/Experimental, Marin County Festival of Short Film & Video, USA, 2012
- Award for Best Sound, Derapage, Montreal, Canada, 2012

- Monstra Animated Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 17 Mar (masterclass)
- Monstra Animated Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 16-22 Mar (jury retrospective)
- School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, 12 Jan (lecture)
- Films4Peace, Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town, South Africa, 3 Dec 2014 - 1 Feb 2015 (curated by Mark Coetzee)

- Films4Peace, Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town, South Africa, 3 Dec 2014 - 1 Feb 2015 (curated by Mark Coetzee)
- visionXsound:[KV-N] 2014, GRAF+ZYX TANK 203.3040.AT, Neulengbach, Austria, 6 + 20 Sep
- Fest Anca, Zilina, Slovakia, 18-22 Jun (Profile: Max Hattler)
- KASKcinema, Ghent, Belgium, 20 Feb (lecture)
- Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium, 19 Feb (lecture)
- Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Belgium, 18 Feb (lecture at Digital Design International Day)


- KloosterKino, De Kunstnacht, Nijmegen, Holland, Sat 28 Sep
- Nozstock Festival, Bromyard, Herefordshire, Fri 26 Jul (Max Hattler Retrospective)
- Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany, 15+16 Jun (Max Hattler: Selected Works)
- International Short Film Festival Detmold, Detmold, Germany, 31 May - 9 Jun
- Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 May (artist talk)
- AniFest, Teplice, Czech Republic, 27 Apr (lecture)
- London College of Communication, London, UK, 17 Apr (lecture)
- Frenz: Art in April, Strongroom, London, UK, 17 Apr (screening/talk)
- Future Film Festival, Bologna, Italy, 12-17 Apr
- New Vision International Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine, 29-31 Mar
- International Motion Festival Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, 22-24 Mar
- Videoformes Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 20-23 Mar
- Byron Bay Film Festival, Australia, 1-10 Mar
- Animac, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, 28 Feb - 3 Mar
- Anima Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 8-17 Feb
- British Shorts, Berlin, 11-14 Jan



- Video Art Network Lagos, Amphitheatre, Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, 28 Dec
- Filmski Front, NFC Kino Klub, Novi Sad, Serbia, 20-22 Dec
- Les Nuits Magiques, Bègles, Bordeaux, Haillan and Canéjan, France, 5-18 Dec
- Two Short Nights Film Festival, Exeter, UK, 29-30 Nov
- HEAD - Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland, 22 Nov (artist talk)
- Istanbul Animation Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 20-25 Nov
- Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg, Fellbach, Germany, 15 Nov (artist talk)
- St. Louis International Film Festival, St. Louis, USA, 8-18 Nov
- Visioni Corte, Minturno, Italy, 8-10 Nov
- Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 4-18 Nov (Multivision installation)
- Multivision Festival, Pro Arte Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 Nov (artist talk)
- Un festival c'est trop court - 12th Nice short film festival, Nice, France, 23-28 Oct
- Tindirindis Int'l Animation Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, 22-28 Oct
- Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania, 11-13 Oct
- Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa, Greece, 27-30 Sep
- films4peace, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, USA, 21-29 Sep
Zeitguised, Max Hattler, Android Jones & PES, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, USA, 21 Sep, 19:30 (ASIFA Lecture by Ben Ridgway)
- Facade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 12-16 Sep
- Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, UK, 3-11 Sep
- Max Hattler Presents..., Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 23 Aug, 18:30
- Premio Cinematografico Palena, Palena, Italy, 14 Aug
- Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany, 9-13 Aug
- Videoholica Int'l Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 30 Jul - 3 Aug
- C the Film, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, UK, 27 Jul - 27 Aug
- Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, 25-29 Jul
- San Gio Video Festival, Verona, Italy, 23-27 Jul
- Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival, London, 21 Jul
- Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, 20-28 Jul (Max Hattler retrospective)
- Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 19 Jul - 7 Aug
- Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, London, 11-20 Jul
Marin County Festival of Short Film and Video, San Rafael, California, USA, 30 Jun - 4 Jul
- Domingo: FINDELMUNDO #01, Lima, Peru, 14 Jun
- Golden Kuker Animation Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 Jun (Max Hattler Panorama)
- ISFF Detmold, Germany, 8 Jun (Zwischenbilanz: Max Hattler Retrospective)
- Royal College of Art, London, 6 Jun (presentation/workshop)
- FMX, Stuttgart, Germany, 11 May (lecture)
- Backup Festival, Weimar, Germany, 10-13 May
- Magma Short Film Festival, Rotorua, New Zealand, 24-29 Apr
- Derapage, Centre de Design, UQAM, Montreal, Canada, 19 Apr
- Max Hattler: Audiovisual Abstractions, Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania, 27 Mar
- Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-25 Mar
- Go Short, Nijmegen, Holland, 18 Mar (Max Hattler Special Screening)
- Animac, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, 1-4 Mar (Max Hattler Special Screening)
- Imperial War Museum Film Festival, London, UK, several screenings until 24 Feb
- 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, 9-19 Feb


- Imperial War Museum Film Festival, London, several screenings between 2 Dec 2011 and 24 Feb 2012
- Max Hattler Special Screening, Off and Free Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 17-23 Nov
- NOVA Contemporary Culture, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sat 29 Oct
- East Pop West, London, 30 Sep - 2 Oct (group exhibition; Max Hattler solo screen)
- World Peace Day Games in Tokyo, Japan; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Subang Jaya, Malaysia; San Diego, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Westford, MA, USA; Herzogenaurach, Germany, 21 Sep
- Feast on Film, Moors Bar, Crouch End, London, 21 Sep
- New Screen New-Castle, Newcastle, UK, Sat 10 Sep
- One Young World, Zurich, Switzerland, 1-4 Sep
- World Peace Festival, Berlin, Germany, 20-27 Aug
"RE:AX is a film about mirroring and feedback—abstract patterns and shapes interact with each other, taking us on a journey from disharmony to peace. Conceptually, it's about how violence breeds violence, and love breeds love. Only by turning the other cheek can we bring about change, understanding and peace."

"Weird, trippy and mesmerizing, Max Hattler's experimental short takes your eyes and ears on a journey they'll never forget. This thought-provoking bit of animation has screened at both the World Peace Festival in Berlin and the Imperial War Museum in London." Honorable Mention - Animated/Experimental, 42nd Annual Marin County International Festival of Short Film and Video, 2012

"Going through a deserted space, we witness conflicts of many objects. Clashes of sharp geometric patterns are provoking diverse reactions. They start in different corners, only to find their way to each other. This microcosm could not work properly without the perfect soundtrack, which conducts the whole image towards an optimistic fusion." AniFest 2013

"Although only under a minute and a half long, Max Hattler's film titled 'RE:AX aka Peace Starts With Me' manages to encompass deep reaching themes like love, peace, war and violence. But with previous work referencing French artist Augustin Lesage, another named Sync and termed a circular looping animation projection installation, Max Hattler's work has always explored extraordinary topics. With abstract patterns, skulls, explosions that morph into stars and psychedelic colours, the film bursts from the screen at you. Confusing, beautiful and symbolic, Peace Starts With Me is a little bit philosophical, a little bit Space Invaders and a lot of amazing." Schön! Magazine, 2011

"Abstract animated film, reflecting on war and computer games." Imperial War Museum Film Festival, 2011

"Max Hattler knows exactly how to impress and leave you thrilled and confused at the same time. Widely considered by international critics as one of the most talented visual artists of his generation, he is able to transform complex concepts into powerful abstract narratives with an impressive and cutting-edge visual aesthetic. … As one of the driving forces behind this year's World Peace Festival in Berlin, PUMA.Peace - a special division of PUMA - has commissioned ... Max Hattler, to create an art video with an abstracted vision on war and peace.", 2011

"Pink Floyd meets Asteriods"
Ben Joergensen, 2011

"미디어 아트에 가까운 아티스트와 브랜드가 결합한 형태의 이런 작업들이 이제 한국에서도 슬슬 기지개를 펴기 시작했다. 현재 외국쪽에선 빈번히 일어나고 있는 이런 작업들이 하루빨리 한국에서 더 확산되었으면 좋겠다. 푸마와 Max Hattler과의 만남.", 2011

"完成したての「RE:AX aka PEACE STARTS WITH ME」は、以前当BLOGでご紹介の「COLLISION」で魅せたカレイドスコープなフォームを作用・反作用にみられる物理的な法則へと再構築したかの抽象的なデジタルアートが印象的。最小限のミニマルな表現域だけで「平和」へのメッセージが凝縮された意欲作はフラットだけど力強くオリジナリティが溢れています" Fragile, 2011

- Style and the Family Tunes, 11 Sep 2011
- Newham Recorder, 11 Sep 2011
- Animate Projects Observer, 31 Aug 2011
- UEL, 22 Aug 2011
- Designcollector, 22 Aug 2011
- Dinca, 21 Aug 2011
- Superfuture, 20 Aug 2011
- PSST! Pass it on, 19 Aug 2011

Directed by Max Hattler
Music production and sound design by Eduardo Noya Schreus
Produced by Shooting People
Commissioned by PUMA.Peace for films4peace
Project curated by PUMA.Creative Chief Curator Mark Coetzee
Format: 1080p HD digital file
Length: 1'30"
Year: 2011

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