The Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa
This video work, commissioned by MONSTRA 2015 to mark the 80th anniversary of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa's death, presents the viewer with four of Pessoa's many faces: his heteronyms Ricardo Reis and Alvaro de Campos, and his keen interest in astrology and spiritualism. It was created with students at Sint Lucas Antwerpen.

The Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa
- Ten Second Film Festival, public screen at 16th Champa streets, Denver, Colorado, USA, 1 May - 30 June 2015
- Transversalities, Monstra Animated Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 12-22 Mar 2015


Directed and produced by Max Hattler.
Sound by Martins Strautnieks.
Design and animation by Max Hattler; Woody Dirks, Lauren Draulans, Elitsa Macheva, Mara Gabriela Grigoriu, Shu Liang (Face 1: Ricardo Reis); Jorrit Verwimp, Yinthe Toussaint, Sarah Berteloot, Nina Caspari, Katinka Vermeylen (Face 2: Alvaro de Campos); Kristina Nickel, Tom Tiepermann, Dennis Janssens, Jorien Simons (Face 3: Astrology), Oekie Segers, Hannes Huybrechts, Sanne De Block, Arno De Pooter (Face 4: Spiritualism).
Thanks to Hugo Puttaert and Sint Lucas Antwerpen.

Available formats (HD digital files):
  • single channel, 2-minute film festival version
  • single channel, 10-second 'Redux' version (commissioned by Denver Digerati)
  • 4-screen installation, 2-minute loop version (commissioned by Monstra Festival)
Year: 2015

The Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa

"Max Hattler's The Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa (Redux) is an exceptional addition to Denver Digerati's inaugural 10-second film festival. The work fully illustrates the merits of short-form animation as assets for public LED screens, and our program benefits greatly by having an artist of Hattler's caliber attached. It's been a thrill to watch these last two months on Denver's heavily trafficked 16th Street Pedestrian mall." (Ivar Zeile, curator, 10 Second Film Festival, Denver, 2015)

"As Muitas Caras de Fernando Pessoa. Esta instalação de vídeo encomendada pelo Festival MONSTRA assinala o 80º aniversário da morte do Poeta Português Fernando Pessoa. Apresenta a visão de 4 das muitas caras de Pessoa: os seus heterónimos Ricardo Reis e Alvaro de Campos, and o seu aguçado interesse em astrologia e espiritualismo. Foi criado por estudantes em Sint Lucas Antwerpen." (Monstra Festival 2015)

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