Matter and Motion
Motion creation, energy transmission, kinetic combustion. Audiovisual collaboration between composer Lux Prima, director Max Hattler, and a group of animators from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.

Matter and Motion (2018)
- Special Prize 25 Years of San Giò Festival, San Giò Verona Video Festival, Italy, 2019

- Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Palm Springs, CA, USA, 14-15 Dec 2019
- Piccolo Festival Animazione, Pordenone Cinemazero, Udine Cinema Visionario, Gorizia Kinemax, Trieste Cinema Teatro Miela-Bonawentura, Italy, 9-19 Dec 2019 (Visual & Music Competition)
- 37th Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence, France, 3-7 Dec 2019
- Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2-8 Dec 2019 ("Best of the World" non-competitive program)
- London International Animation Festival, London, UK, 29 Nov - 8 Dec 2019 (Abstract Showcase Competition)
- Cutout Fest, Querétaro, Mexico, 14-17 Nov 2019 (Experimental Competition)
- Feinaki Beijing Animation Week, Beijing, China, 14-17 Nov 2019 (Music Video Special Program)
- dokumentART – films & future, Neubrandenburg, Germany, 15-20 Oct 2019
- Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece, 10-13 Oct 2019
- 23rd International Video Festival Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia, 10-12 Oct 2019
- I Castelli Animati Festival, Rome, Italy, 3-5 Oct 2019 (International Short Film Competition)
- ANIMARIO, Madrid, Spain, 26-29 Sep 2019 (International Short Film Competition)
- Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, 5-9 Sep 2019 (Ars Electronica Animation Festival Programme)
- Étrange Festival, Paris, France, 4-15 Sep 2019 (International Short Film Competition)
- 17th Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland, 3-8 Sep 2019 (out of competition)
- San Giò Verona Video Festival, Verona, Italy, 23-27 Jul 2019
- Under the Radar, Vienna, Austria, 1-5 Jul 2019
- Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Zilina, Slovakia, 27-30 Jun 2019 (non-competitive section Contemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation)
- Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Annecy, France, 10-15 Jun 2019 (Animation Off-Limits Competition)
- Dérapage 19, Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT), Montreal, Canada, 9 May 2019, 19:30
- Anifilm, Trebon, Czech Republic, 7-12 May 2019 (Max Hattler Retrospective)
- 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Metropol 3, Stuttgart, Germany, 17:00 Fri 3 May 2019 (In Persona: Max Hattler)
- 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Metropol 1, Stuttgart, Germany, 22:00 Thu 2 May 2019 (Best Animated Music Videos)
- ANIMAC, Lleida, Spain, 21-24 Feb 2019
- 12th British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 17–23 Jan 2019
- ANNY: Animation Nights New York, NYC, USA, 2019 (date TBC)

- Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 17 Dec 2018 (History and Theory of Animation lecture by Eliska Decka)
- FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, 12 Dec 2018 (Možnosti animace / Potentials of Animation lecture by Eliska Decka)
- L'Occhio Nella Mente, Rocca Sinibalda, Italy, 7-8 Dec 2018 (screening curated by Cindy Keefer, Center for Visual Music)
- 16th Anilogue International Animation Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 28 Nov- 2 Dec 2018 (World Panorama)
- 17th Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation, Montreal, Canada, 21-25 Nov 2018 (Very Short Films International Competition)
- Relentless Melt No. 9: Audio Visions, Clockenflap Festival, Hong Kong, 9-11 Nov 2018 (Screening curated by Max Hattler)
- Punto y Raya Festival, Wroclaw, Poland, 25-28 Oct 2018 (Pawilonie Czterech Kopuł exhibition. Artists: Larry Cuba, Max Hattler, Robert Seidel, David Stout)
- Relentless Melt No. 8: Hong Kong in Motion, SUPERNOVA Festival, Denver, CO, USA, Sat 22 Sep 2018 (screening curated by Max Hattler)
- CVM Symposium 2018: Exploring and Preserving Visual Music, Sonoma County, CA, USA, 15 Aug 2018 (New Visual Music Work screening curated by Cindy Keefer, Center for Visual Music)
- Relentless Melt No. 6: Underlige animationsfilm fra Hong Kong, Dynamo, Odense, Denmark, Wed 18 Jul 2018, 18:30 (screening curated and introduced by Max Hattler)
- Museum of Digital Art (MuDA), Zurich, Switzerland, Thu 5 Jul 2018 (Metaz series Max Hattler artist talk)
- London Animation Club, Green Man, Fitzrovia, London, UK, 4 Jul 2018
- Relentless Melt No. 5: Hong Kong Rhythms, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Sankt Pölten, Austria, Thu 28 Jun 2018, 17:30 (screening curated and introduced by Max Hattler)

Director: Max Hattler
Music: Lux Prima
Animation: Roda Mei Bargo, Ka Wan Chan, Lai Ying Chan, John Chow, Mo Yee Fung, Max Hattler, Suet Yi Ho, Sammi Ho, Wing Ho, Natasha Mae Jenner, Hyun Seung Kim, Sky Kung, Aqua Kwok, Sean Lau, Wangtiansui Lei, Sze Ling Luk, Ray Mok, Jasmina Mok, Bianka Parazs, Luane Qin, Ting Yiu Sin, Wing Yee Tong, Red Wong, Oliver Wong, Yoki Yao, Ka Yan Yeung, Ron Yip, Riwen Zhang
Available formats: DCP, UHD, 1080p
Frame rate: 30
Length: 2'15"
Year: 2018

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