Everything Turns Everything Turns
Life makes your head spin, and before you know it, it's over.
A very short film about time, life and death.

- One Minute Award, Filming East Festival, Oxford, UK, 2007

SCREENINGS 2013-2022
- Film Poetry Friday / Poetry on the Road, Germany, 6 May - 3 Jun 2022 (Instagram campaign by ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival / House of Poetry)
- Taichung International Animation Festival, Taichung, Taiwan, 11-20 Oct 2019 (Director in Focus 1)
- Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan, 14 Jul 2017 (Max Hattler Retrospective presented by Visual Music Award and German Pavilion)
- Last Friday Shorts, Southend on Sea, UK, 26 Sep 2014 (curated by Michaela Freeman)
- London College of Communication, London, UK, 17 Apr 2013 (lecture)

- Kyiv Int'l Short Film Festival: 100 Films in 100 Minutes, Kyiv, Ukraine, 12-13 Oct 2012
- The Factory, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 27 Aug 2012 (lecture)
- Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, 20-28 Jul 2012 (Max Hattler retrospective)
- Golden Kuker Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 Jun 2012 (Max Hattler Panorama)
- ISFF Detmold, Germany, 8 Jun 2012 (Zwischenbilanz: Max Hattler Retrospective)
- Max Hattler: Audiovisual Abstractions, Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania, 27 Mar 2012
- Go Short, Nijmegen, Holland, 18 Mar 2012 (Max Hattler Special Screening)

- East Pop Red, Red Gallery, London, 12-18 Oct 2011
- East Pop West, London, 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2011 (group exhibition)
- One Shot Int'l Short Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, 17-24 May 2011
- Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, 29 Mar 2011
- Middlesex University, London, 28 Mar 2011
- Max Hattler: Audiovisual Abstractions, AA School of Architecture, London, 14 Mar 2011
- Max Hattler Masterclass, Anima Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 11 Mar 2011
- University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK, 7 Mar 2011
- University of East London, London, 8 Feb 2011
- Structuring Strategies: Max Hattler, CalArts, Valencia, California, USA, 25 Jan 2011
- Max Hattler: Relations & Abstrations (curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr), Directors Lounge, Berlin, 8 Jan 2011


- The Colour of Sound, Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham, 18 Nov
- Met Film School, Ealing Studios, London, UK, 15 Nov
- Goethe-Institut, Ankara, Turkey, 13 Oct
- MUMIA, Brazil, Betim & Nova Lima, 6-12 Sep; Belo Horizonte, 13-19 Sep
- 6010 Film & Videofestival, Hilchenbach, Germany, 29-30 May
- Habitacion del Ruido, UCSJ, Mexico City, 28 Apr
- Ferienakademie 2010, Kloster Roggenburg, Germany, 6 Apr
- University of Westminster, London, UK, 8 Mar
- Kunst ist Versuchung, Kloster Roggenburg, Germany, 24 Feb - 6 June (installation)
- Ravensbourne College of Design, London, UK, 17 Feb

- Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK, 17 Feb + 23 Apr + 7 Dec
- Ravensbourne College of Design, London, UK, 28 Jan + 20 Nov
- Branchage Film Festival, Jersey, Channel Islands, 3 Oct
- Aeon Festival, Shobrooke Park, Devon, UK, 28-30 Aug
- ArtsFest, Wellington College, Berkshire, UK, 23 Jun
- Stomper at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, UK, 5 Mar
- Stomper at Fluc, Vienna, Austria, 7 Feb
- Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne, Germany, 22 Jan

- Filming East Festival, Special Screening, SOAS, London, 20 Nov
- Royal College of Art, London, UK, 6 Nov
- Lumen Eclipse Le:60 Film Fest, Cambridge, MA, USA, 27 Sep
- Animae Caribe Festival, Trinidad, 23 Sep
- Image Forum Festival, Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka + Yokohama, Apr-Jul
- Apple Store Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, 26 May
- Planet Studyo Plus One, Osaka, Japan, 24 + 25 May
- Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan, 20 May
- Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 12 May
- Uplink Factory, Tokyo, Japan, 7 + 8 May
- University of West of England, Bristol, UK, 16 Apr
- Creative Futures, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, 9 Apr
- FDMX, Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich, UK, 6 Mar
- Newport School of Art, University of Wales, Newport, UK, 4 Mar
- London Animation Studio, Central St. Martin's College, UK, 25 Feb
- University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK, 7 Feb
- FDMX, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, 23 Jan
- London Short Film Festival, London, 4-13 Jan (Dazzle Films screening)


- St. Louis IFF, St. Louis, USA
- Filming East Festival, Oxford, UK
- Uppsala ISFF (DepicT! screening), Finland
- Floating World Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, USA
- Media Art Friesland Festival, Leeuwarden, Holland (artist talk)
- Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight, UK
- Epic Shorts, Real Institute, Betws-y-Coed, Wales
- Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley Community Festival, London
- Dime Novel Screen, Sassoon Gallery, London
- Ferdinand-von-Steinbeiß Schule für Grafikdesign, Ulm, Germany
- Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium, Weissenhorn, Germany
- Max Hattler Retrospective, Roxy, London
- Max Hattler: 2003-2007, Stadthaus, Ulm, Germany

- Encounters SFF (shortlisted for DepicT!), Bristol
- Anima, Brussels, Belgium
- London IAF, UK
- Melbourne IAF, Australia
- Tindirindis IAFF, Vilnius, Lithuania
- Balkanima, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
- Square Eyes Festival, Arnhem, Holland
- Dime Novel Screen, Sassoon Gallery, London
- 4x4, 93 Feet East, London
- Kinofilm, Manchester, UK

- EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany
- Krakow FF, Poland
- Media Art Friesland, Holland
- Detmold ISFF, Germany
- Zlinsky Pes, Czech Republic
- Super Shorts FF, London, and UK tour
- Northern Lights FF, Newcastle, UK
- Being in Motion, 291 Gallery, London, UK
- Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin
- Exground FF (18), Wiesbaden, Germany

- Exground FF (17), Wiesbaden, Germany
- HAFF, Utrecht, Holland
- CICDAF, Changzhou, China
- I Castelli Animati, Genzano di Roma, Italy
- Backup Festival, Weimar, Germany
- E-Magiciens, Valenciennes, France
- Zebra Poetry Film Award, Berlin
- Clone Digital FF, Hämeenllinna, Finland
- Simrishamn International Art Film Festival, Simrishamn, Sweden
- EMERGEANDSEE, Budapest, London, and Lucerne
- Eat Our Shorts, National Film Theatre, London
- Projektor, Kingsgate Gallery, London
- ArtExpo, Madrid
"Everything Turns morphs life, death, the universe and all that in one minute flat, demonstrating the potential rather than the limitations of the one-minute format. Its clean and elegant animation is totally engaging." Dr. Chris Berry, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Goldsmiths College. One Minute Award Jury, Filming East Festival, 2007

"Imagine living a life litter-ally filled with sludge and junk. As the world turns, so do our lives. Time will continue forever, will your message? In this short film Max Hattler makes simply complex images a reality; our reality. Dream on Mr. Hattler!"

"Zoals de titel al stelt: allerlei vormen draaien in het rond. Zij evolueren van foetus tot hamburger, van peaceteken tot aardappel, van "fast food" tot "live faster". Erg kort, erg experimenteel en best leuk. De onderliggende kijk op een maatschappij die ons voorschrijft hoe te leven van wieg tot graf neem je er al dan niet bij."
Jan Sulmont, kortfilm.be

"Hand-drawn animation circling around time and degeneration."

"Taking us through the revolving wheel of life."
BBC Film Network

"sound is completely integral"
dShed Electric Cinema

"rather stylish" Ian Lumsden, The Animation Blog

"unrelenting bleakness" Dazed and Confused

"Max's work never fails to impress me! Totally inspiring." The Curious Brain

- Max Hattler vs. Robert Seidel DVD, Japan, 2008
- Movieola TV, Canada, 2007
- DepicT!, UK, 2006
- The First Post Online Animation Festival, Dec 2006
- The First Post, Aug 2006
- shots magazine New Directors Reel DVD, 2005
- EMERGEANDSEE DVD 'Circular Reality', 2005
- Community Channel TV, UK, 2005
- Supported and promoted by the British Council

Director, Animator: Max Hattler
Inspired by Durs Grünbein's poem Vertigo
Production: Royal College of Art
Sound: Max Hattler
Sound mix and mastering: Jürgen Schlachter / 36music
Available formats: 35mm film, Quicktime, BetaSP, DVD
Festival version: 1'15"
Exhibition version: 1-minute loop
Year: 2004
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