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Max Hattler is an artist, researcher, curator and educator who works with abstract animation, video installation and audiovisual performance. He holds a master's degree from the Royal College of Art and a Doctorate in Fine Art from the University of East London. Max's work has been shown at festivals and institutions such as Resonate, Ars Electronica, ZKM Center for Art and Media, MOCA Taipei and Beijing Minsheng Museum. Awards and mentions include Annecy, Prix Ars Electronica, Punto y Raya Festival, London International Animation Festival, Vienna Shorts, and several Visual Music Awards. Max has performed live around the world including at Fest Anca, Anifilm Festival, Playgrounds Festival, Expo Milan, Seoul Museum of Art and the European Media Art Festival. He lives in Hong Kong where he is a tenured Associate Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Max's research focuses on synaesthetic experience, visual music, optical sound, the narrative potential of abstract animation, and expanded artistic approaches to binocular vision.

"Max Hattler is an animation filmmaker, media artist and professor at City University Hong Kong. His works often contain allusions to early modernism in animation filmmaking and the cinematic avantgarde as well as in the visual arts—Oskar Fischinger’s dance of colors and forms, James Whitney’s early mandala computer animation, Augustin Lesage’s highly charged, spiritualist drawings, and the radically minimalist painting of Barnett Newman. In doing so, he impressively connects the past and present in ways that are both accessible and intellectual, and has been honored with numerous international prizes." Ars Electronica Festival Catalogue 2017

"If you’re not familiar with Hattler’s work, his style is colorful, haunting, abstract, geometric—a spectacle for the eyes that can jar you from a daydreaming slumber or equally hypnotize you into one." The Creators Project

"A must-see digital artist who is developing overpowering visual compositions, loops, and animated films with incredible details that draw you in, and in, and in." Frank Kresin, Waag Society

"Max Hattler’s prolific output ranges from kaleidoscopic animations such as the political short film Collision (2005) to the mind-bending mobile app Kaleidobooth. In his performances he uses custom software called the Hattlerizer, which creates textured geometries of hypnotic colours and rhythms controlled by a combination of his own interaction with the software, audio input, and the workings of the ghost in the machine." D-Fuse

"Max has received international acclaim and countless awards for his music promos and short films – experimental work that blends live-action, stop-motion, "digital photographic reanimation", sound, VJ-ing, concert visuals, installation and performance into something that "defies categorization"... He has collaborated with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Diplo, The Egg, Noriko Okaku, Mehmet Can Özer, and Ladyscraper." Logan & Sons

"Max Hattler works on the thin line between abstraction and figuration, being able sometimes to create powerful political statements while eschewing the traditional constraints of narrative, choosing a poetics of implication over the mere construction of a discourse. In that matter, it is interesting to see how he is also able to mix the strategies of artistic practice with the techniques one would associate with the entertainment industry, creating pieces that can work on a variety of (sometimes) conflicting frameworks, from the gallery white cube to the dark walls of a nightclub, performing live in a film festival or spreading his interventions through the web." Hilda Magazine

"Using abstract imagery and kaleidoscopic juxtapositions, Max Hattler‘s work is disorientating and captivating. There’s no narrative conventions here as shapes and forms become your guide, and colorful geometric spectacles burst onto the screen. Neon patterns flash before the viewer in hypnotic rhythms in work that can reference everything from German Expressionism, Islamic patterns, and sci-fi." Kevin Holmes, The Creators Project

"From music to animation to a magnificent blend of both sound and video, the work of Max Hattler continues to spark new trends, inspire collaboration, and shape new places and topics for immersion." A.N.D / Worldwide Interactive Design Guide

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